It was clear from how things were going that the easiest way to run a marathon was to organize one. After overcoming in December the fear of doing something for the first time, it seemed the ideal moment for another marathon from the runner/organizer perspective.

Taking advantage of a gap in the calendar, since the Madrid Command is going with everything, we opted to concentrate efforts on a single day, Sunday, March 7. And again the chosen site was Zaratán, but instead of the last route, opting for a friendlier one: the Vía Verde of the Tren Burra (Donkey Train). Like the missed Vías Verdes marathons, we would use a reconditioned old railway, in this case the one that made the Valladolid-Medina de Rioseco route until 1969.

On a 6.55 kilometres course, 1 short lap and 6 full laps would be necessary to complete the marathon distance. Of course, once again to show that Valladolid is not as flat as it seems, it was a demanding marathon, with a smoothly ascent in the way out, but difficult after repeating it several times.

In the end we were only 5 runners at the start: Pepe, Quique, Lola, David and me, who have already shared a few marathons. With a punctual start at 9.00 it is a perfect day to race, improving the weather forecast. It was just a matter of completing the race in the best possible time, especially not knowing when we will be able to have another chance to run a marathon.

Although during the first 2 laps we ran close to each other, we end up running alone, except for Quique and Lola, who escape in front, although I manage to keep them in sight. Facing the last lap I am counting on maybe reaching them. However they are strong and I have no chance.

I enter slightly above the 4-hours barrier, at 4.03.19, thus completing the marathon number 94, first of 2021 and first on a day 7.

All gathered at the finish line, new marathons begin to be shuffled: that is one of the dangers of the marathon family. But the most important bit is that everyone has a place in it, from the lone wolves to the marathon hunters.

Meanwhile we will continue looking for courses and experiences.

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