About me

Run. What started almost as an obligation, almost 25 years ago, soon became an integral part of my lifestyle, a passion. If this is what brought you here in the first place, we are both lucky, as we share common interests, and you will understand why I decided to start with this blog

Beyond 300 races on my legs, marathon has a special place among them. With more than 65 finished, and counting, I thought it was time to share some of these experiences with a broader public.

With a PhD from the University of Valladolid in the Physiology area, and also qualified as specialist in “Physical activity, Health and Sports Performance”, and expert in “Sports Training”, I have also published more than 25 papers in international journals, and presented my research in various international meetings.

I hope these credentials are helpful in justifying my decision to start this blog, and share my experiences with you about races (marathons in particular), travels, products, new scientific studies, and every other topic that will eventually find its way into this blog.

I have never aimed to be a writer, and may not be successful in the task ahead, although I will try that with the appropiate approach this blog gives at least for some interesting reads.

Welcome all.

Simply Run