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Looking for routes for clandestine marathons during the pandemic, I saw in Santovenia de Pisuerga the beginning of a new long-distance path, the GR-296, which stuck in my head to try to do it in its entirety, or at least in part, in another moment. With its 93 kilometres in length, it covers, mostly on paths, some of the closest villages to Valladolid, various places where I have trained regularly. When I read the first news that a marathon was being planned taking advantage of part of this route, I was hopeful for a new opportunity to have a marathon in Valladolid.

As the months went by, things became more specific until they took shape in this 1st Clarete Marathon, which, starting in Santovenia de Pisuerga, runs through Cigales, Mucientes, Fuensaldaña, the Fuente el Sol Park and Canal de Castilla to end in Santovenia.

Along with the marathon modality, a relay marathon is also offered. Being a first edition, and being “in tests”, not being competitive in the strict sense of the word, it is neutralized at each control/drinks station. Thus, we regroup in each village where we arrive to wait for the last runner, and again together start the next section.

At the start we gathered about 30 participants for the “solo” edition and approximately a dozen of the first relay in the team modality. Among the attendees some familiar faces, true marathon collectors who could not miss a first edition.

A little late, we leave for the first stop, which will be in Cigales, at the foot of its impressive church, and from there towards Mucientes. From this point the course is very recognizable to me.

Runners in Fuensaldaña

All in all, an opportunity to enjoy the fields of Castilla, with their brown colours and vineyards. Next stop Fuensaldaña, at the foot of its castle. It is from there where we approach Valladolid, entering through the Fuente el Sol Park, which has seen better days. Regrouped next to the Canal de Castilla, all that remains is to take its channel for a couple of kilometres, turn right and take the road that leads back to Santovenia. Perhaps the least attractive segment, following the lateral of the Cementerio del Carmen.

Despite the numerous stops, in the end this marathon also ends up being hard, due to the constant changes in pace and the roughness of the route in some sections. After all, they are still 42 kilometres to run.

Even so, I manage to finish in 3.57.50. Happy to finish a marathon in Pucela lands, and with the hope that the race manages to settle on the calendar, it was time to rest for the Mapoma the following week.

See you.

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