Staring group (lacking Pepe)

We returned to the distance of 42 kilometers in the vicinity of Valladolid. Quique organized in the pine forest of his village, Tudela de Duero, the next “clandestine” marathon of the Independent Marathons of Valladolid MIV.

Given the circumstances, we are 6 runners for the marathon, and 3 for the half-marathon distance. Among the marathoners, familiar faces such as Pepe, Quique and I from the locals, Lola and David from the Madrid side, and Joserra from Galicia as a new addition.

The morning dawned with good temperature, although with a forecast of rain, to do 14 laps of a circuit through the pine forest around the Santinos recreational area.

The last two weeks had been the chronicle of an announced failure. No day had I ever found myself fresh. I don’t know if the February and March “loads” were excessive, or the recovery time was insufficient.

I started running calm and lagged the leading group a bit. There are many laps and I have them in sight. I can close the gap whenever I want (I think).

Santinos pine forest

However, already in the second lap I feel that the legs do not accompany, and the feeling will only get worse as the race goes on. At the end of the fifth lap it starts to rain heavily, and some puddles appear on the sandy ground, but without causing much discomfort.

In the middle of the race, and with another 7 laps to go, the mind has a lot of work to do. The ghost of a DNF flies over my head, although the pleasant journey through the pine forest makes up for the effort.

The distance of Pheidippides always commands respect, and sometimes demands a toll, bringing out the best in us. You must forget the stopwatch and focus on finishing. I still remember marathons like the Lemmings track or the one in Funchal, and they are not enjoyed the same… It is feeling your body dissociated: going well at core level, but the legs not responding.

Running the penultimate lap, Quique and Lola get to double me. But my marathon is another one, and already within reach…

I cross the finish line with 4.23.57, a time that leaves me unsatisfied, although it serves to add the 95 to my personal count.

We will return, hopefully with better feelings.

Some time into the race (before the rain)

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