STRONGER (2017, D Gordon Green, 119min)

With so many races cancelled it looks that there is going to be some extra time available, and maybe watching a movie is not the worst option. We propose the 2017 film Stronger, available in some streaming services.

This film follows the real story of Jeff Bauman, a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombings. It is based on the autobiography co-written by Bauman himself, portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal, with Tatiana Maslany as his ex-girlfriend/girlfriend Erin Hurley.

What happened in the Boston Marathon bombings? During the 2013 edition two homemade bombs were detonated near the finish line, killing 3 people and injuring hundred others.

The first part of the film tells how Jeff Bauman lost both of their legs while waiting near the finish line for his ex-girlfriend Erin, who was running the marathon. Although injured, his contribution was vital to identify one of the terrorists.

After being discharged from hospital, Jeff struggles between adapting to an undesired hero role, known everywhere, and the fact that he has lost both of his legs for being in the wrong place at the worst time. His relationship with Erin has its ups and downs, as she moves into his house, where he lives with his alcoholic mother.

During the bombings he was helped by Carlos Arredondo. Meeting Carlos gives him the energy to surpass his self-imposed limitations: he understands that may be also an inspiration for others. He then focuses on his rehabilitation, trying to adapt to his prosthetic legs, and resuming his relationship with Erin, now pregnant.

After getting married and giving birth, Erin is finally able of finishing the Boston Marathon, which she couldn´t do in 2013. 


Score: 4 / 5

Pros: good acting; the balance between the drama and getting cheesy; digital effects for the missing legs.

Cons: maybe is difficult to identify all members of the Bauman family.

For: fans of sports films, especially those who run the Boston Marathon and like baseball too.

Real life Jeff Bauman being helped by Carlos Arredondo, inmediately after the bombings
Jeff Bauman & Jake Gyllenhaal (2016)

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