Solar protection: ISDIN Fusion Gel (Sport)

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With the summer around the corner and longer days, it is important to get UV protection, especially if you can only do your training or competition under the sunlight (but also in cloudy conditions). A solar protector will keep your skin healthier and younger, and prevent associated diseases, as skin cancer.

If it is important to run using sun protection for your body, with the highest protection level the better, protecting your face is essential. If you have been running for a while, you will probably have experienced that it doesn´t take long, once you start sweating, for the cream in your face to start dripping on your eyes. I had to stop in many occasions to wash my face with water, or use a handkerchief to remove every bit of cream on it, as I started crying and was unable to see properly in front of me. As this problem doesn´t affect the rest of the body, you can go with any normal solar protection for the limbs or neck. As for the face I kept trying sport branded solar protectors until I came across the ISDIN Fusion Gel, that I got as a freebee in the running expo for the Barcelona marathon, where they told me that I would not have that problem with it. I was doubtful, but gave it a go on the next day, and sure it did as assured.

After this first try, I decided to give it a go and buy it. I must say it is not cheap. The 100mL ranged between nearly 30€ in the pharmacy to around 20€ in some online shops (I ended paying 20.6€), but if you keep using it only on your face it will last long.

I have already used it a few times, and I must say that never again had the solar protection entering my eyes, even when running in very hot conditions and sweating profusely.

The colour is transparent, and the texture very light, more liquid than other protectors. The smell is powerful, as alcohol, but once it is applied is easily absorbed, and the smell mostly disappear. It is sold as useful for hairy areas, and because of its small size it can be taken into your hand baggage if you want to carry on your flight. The main issue I found was its liquid nature. When I got it in the mail, I found that the external cardboard box had a small stain inside. I didn´t give it a second thought, but when I took the bottle on my first trip I found on arrival that it had leaked. Due to the liquid nature of the protector, the container should be airtight, to prevent leaks. You don´t want to ruin your luggage. Since then I always carry it wrapped with 2 airtight plastic bags.

A poor detail for an overall necessary product.


Score: 3.5 (out of 5)

Pros: a solar protector that doesn´t get into your eyes (finally); high protection levels against UVA and UVB rays; water and sweat resistant

Cons: inappropriate packaging, for the price you would expect an airtight container to avoid wasting it over your stuff

Liquid texture and top, with liquid leaks already

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