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I take advantage of this short post to celebrate the sixth anniversary (3+3) of our website, which launched back on May 8, 2018.

We could divide its trajectory into two clearly differentiated halves. In its first 3 years I came to see it as an professional alternative. Looking at it in perspective, I realize now how delusional I was. Much more needed to be offered, it is true, and possibly a blog or website of this style is something that fell into disuse a long time ago, and more so as time has passed. Almost all of us lead a hectic life, always moving back and forth between different responsibilities. For the few moments of leisure available, we have an impossible amount of offer at our disposal. Digital platforms and social networks capture our attention with images and texts. It is difficult to compete with calm readings against short videos, TikTok style, or texts of 140 characters, which are the maximum length to which many people are able to pay attention.

The second part of this story, which spans from 2021, has placed the web as a burden at times, even economical to maintain the domain and its hosting. The lack of time, exasperating at times, has prevented me from creating content as frequently as I initially planned to. Too long silences, many times only interrupted by my marathon chronicles, always late. Difficult to maintain the balance between family and work obligations, continue running marathons and keep the page active, at least with a small thread of life inside it.

Even so we reach our sixth anniversary, with 271 published posts (in each language), including 74 career chronicles and 110 science divulgation ones. Enough content and hours spent, that, at least for now, we will try to continue one more season.

Moving forward…

1k+ (3+3)

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