Dirty Running Marathon (18/02/18 – 62)

Again running a marathon in UK, almost 4 years after my last one, with the main goal of celebrating my 42 years and 195 days. Registration priced at £40, for a race near London, that will take place in the Thames Riverside. For changing facilities and locker facilities we have the Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Centre available, only 5 minutes walking from the race start/finish tent, where we are directed after a brief informative talk 15 minutes before the 9.30 start. The race is going to take place in a closed loop of about 3.3 miles, open to the public, and available for running as many laps as desired in a total time of 6 h. Nevertheless, as seen later, most of the participants will go for the marathon distance, that will require 8 completed laps. At 9.30 and with a temperature of 8-9°C, that will remain constant, and a sunny start, around 100 runners start the race. The circuit is mainly flat, besides a small bridge, short in distance but with a steep climb. The drinks station is in the start area, although easily could have been another one in the turnaround point, at halfway. Track is mainly tarmac-free, and muddy in the most proximal area to the start, although easily skipped by almost every runner from the first lap on, thanks to a parallel road. The scenery is very idyllic, and the laps start going down quickly, without having a look to the time until I finish the fourth lap, with nearly 2h, and when I realise that the pace is not as fast as I was expecting. The last laps start feeling monotonous, with the section running against the wind feeling cold, and warmer the section we run with the wind in favour.

8 laps, and I rang the bell, for a 4.05.48 time. Winner finishes in 3.32, for a demanding circuit, as my hips can confirm. In the goodie bag, a big medal. For the high registration price, and because of the absence of a complicated organization effort, you would expect a bit more for your money, but the overall experience was good and the installations excellent.

Score: 3.5 (out of 5)

Pros: facilities near the start/finish area; scenery

Cons: 8 laps in a closed loop circuit, means 16 times the same sights; goodie bag could take a bit mo

Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Complex

Gran Canaria Marathon (20/01/18 – 61)

For the third time I get to this marathon, after 2013 and 2014 editions, and conveniently organised in Gran Canaria at the end of January, in a time with no many marathons around because of the weather. Probably it is why is becoming so popular, with more than 60% of runners coming from abroad.

The marathon takes place simultaneously with a half marathon and a 10k run, with an 8.30 start for the first two races, and a later 11.30 for the 10k. Being the finish line in the same location for the three of them ensures that at least in the last part of the route will be a lot of animation

Registration was priced at 30€, in combination with another race that took place at the end of the previous year. As a novelty this year the course will be 1 lap only, with start and finish in the Alfredo Kraus auditorium, just in Las Canteras beach, and cloakrooms, changing room and shower facilities in the nearby Las Canteras commercial centre. Runner bag includes the typical T-shirt and some snacks. My flight arrives to Gran Canaria on Saturday, just with enough time to pick the number and organise stuff. It will be an “express marathon”: arrive, run and come back, without tourism time.

We get to the start with a temperature around 10-12°C, and what looks like sunny conditions. In the km 3 we take the maritime road, where we will be in a way out and back, until km 22. Running on the seaside makes the kilometres go easy, in an otherwise public free area, as the Sun goes up, and the temperatures with it. Shortly after the half marathon point we enter the downtown streets, and the historical old town, with more public, until getting to km 39. At that point we get to the las Canteras beach sidewalk, from where we can see the Alfredo Kraus auditorium, where the finish line is located. The heat is already taking its toll on my feet, maybe because I didn´t attach my trainers properly, or an inadequate combination of old trainers and high tarmac temperature. Nevertheless, the last effort gets me through the last 3 kms, to get into a net finish time of 3.49.50. My worst time in Gran Canaria, from 3 visits, although with a different route, and considering the high temperature, lack of proper training and sleep (a hostel night in a shared room is not the best way to get a proper night sleep) you can´t ask for more.

First marathon in 2018, when we will try to complete a “Grand Slam”, 12 marathons in a calendar year, for the second time after the achievement of 2014.

Score: 4.5 (out of 5)

Pros: 1 lap circuit; start/finish facilities; seaside running scenery

Cons: maybe too much street running; lack of animation in some sections

Runners Expo
Start line
Finish line area (Auditorio Alfredo Kraus)
"Las Canteras" beach