LLeida Marathon start

Writing this entry has taken time, a lot… but some things take precedence over others, and sometimes one is unable to dedicate time to everything. 

After the Vienna marathon in April, I had planned that the next one would be the Poitiers-Futuroscope in May, which I finally couldn’t run. And there began a long summer period of marathon drought that I did not break until the Logroño marathon, just started October. Thus, I repeated the marathon that I had already visited the previous year with the incentive that the registration fee was reimbursed by the organization. I finished in 3.52.57 in 150th position out of 243 runners. 

At the end of October, I run the newly organised Lleida Marathon, taking advantage of the All-Saints’ long weekend. A course with a round trip, not very attractive, although a race with potential for improvement and growth in the coming years. I finished in 3.55.29 and position 164 out of 263. 

And I closed the marathon year once again in the San Sebastián Marathon, in what was my fifth participation and my worst time to date, narrowly ending another sub 4h marathon, in 3.58.38 and ranked 1,497 out of 1,982 participants, continuing an increasing path in terms of times. 

To end the year, I also participated in the San Silvestre El Corte Inglés in Lisbon, on a 10k route.  

In marathon terms, the year was summed up in 10 marathons, 8 of them under 4 hours, and a season best of 3.42.41. 

Starting in 2023, the only marathon I had signed up for was Murcia, on February 5th, which was the last pre-pandemic marathon I ran in 2020. After missing a solidarity marathon in Burgos, between a cold and the snow, the Murcia Marathon offered 3 years later an ideal weather to run a marathon in winter. 

With more modest pretensions than on previous occasions, I got hooked almost from the start to the 3h45m group, after having deliberately lost 1 minute in crossing the starting arc. Certainly, I feel energized to attempt the breakaway, although I decide to reserve my strength and continue with the pack. 

After the half marathon in 1.51.14, Lola easily surpasses me. With a cadence that seems to require no effort, I am unable to keep up with her. Shortly afterwards Carlos also goes ahead. After the 30k I start falling off the group, although keeping them in sight. 

Catching a glimpse of Carlos, I manage to reconnect, running with him for the last few kilometres. Maintaining a good pace, I cross the finish line in 3.45.58 (net time), 303 out of 507 finishers. 

First marathon of 2023 and 114th of the total. 

Still undecided about which will be my next stop, we continue… 

Logroño Marathon Medal
Murcia Marathon Medal

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