ZARATAN MARATHON (20/12/2020 – 93)

Runners on marathon day 1

In these strange days with “normal” marathon races forbidden we have come to appreciate the different ones, and we are not talking about the virtual races. Let´s call them pirates, artisans, or maybe my favourite word “clandestine” marathons. They have been organised for a while, complying with all the health and safety requirements, for a very (very) limited number of runners.

A new “secretive” world when the mouth to mouth is essential, and also being ready to run a marathon at a very short notice in a location, which maybe, if lucky, you can get (now you need almost a personal assistant to help you with this).

Following into the steps of some friend/organisers who have maintained our “addiction” ongoing (thanks to Pepe, Javi, David and some others) it was the time to give something back and have the chance of organising (and run) a new marathon.

The place chosen was Zaratán, a small village near Valladolid, and a 4.2k course following dirt paths. As in the Pisuerga marathon we offered 2 batches, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. More chance for the runners and lower numbers on each day (or the chance of running half the distance).

Way out (in another sunny day)
Way in (in another sunny day)

Plan for Saturday was to be in the drinking station, while on Sunday I would run, with Quique carrying organisational duties. But there was always additional help available.

  • Day 1: 6 runners for the marathon (Pepe, Quique, Javi, David, Lola and Josico) and 1 for the half-marathon (César).
  • Day 2: 7 runners for the marathon (Jaime “Nina”, Gorriti, Ángel de la Mata, Lolo, Jesús and Josico doing a double).

Rain during the week made a section of soil sticky in the course. Additionally, although course seemed flat at first sight during the preparatory runs, it was undulating, with 60 metres of ascent on each lap. With cold weather and rainy conditions on Saturday, it offered a bit of challenge for all runners. But what is life without trying to push your limits?

On Sunday weather was more benign, with better temperatures and no rain expected. Running a marathon among friends was a good way to end a complicate year. The finishing time maybe not so important after all (4.06.08).

The 100 marathons were a no-no for 2020, but they may not be far in 2021. Where? Difficult to know yet.

After a successful try in organizing a marathon, although a bit stressful, hopefully more will come on the cards soon.

Happy entrance on the New Year and happy running to you all!

Medal and Bib-number

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