Book: SCIENCE OF RUNNING (Chris Napier, 2020, 224 pages)

Cover of "Science of Funning"

Don´t let the title of this book take you off. There is science, true, but it goes much further. Have a look to the contents list and you will see that it covers most of the aspects related to running.

After a short introduction explaining the basic terminology the book has an anatomy section that covers not only the body muscles and bones, but also the sources of energy, temperature control of oxygen delivery, among others very interesting topics.

For some runners anatomy may be boring and not interesting. Ok, then the next sections should be more appealing. One offers a long selection of stretching exercises focused on preventing injuries, and the next an extensive list of strength exercises that would complement any training routines. These two sections are the longest in the book, using 100 pages between them.

Did I mention that the book is full of images and diagrams? Yes, it is, and that makes a huge difference because every exercise and movement shown would be easy to replicate. Even if you are an experienced runner you will find some exercise to add onto your training routine.

Knowing the basics, the book continues with a section about training where nothing is left out: nutrition, hydration, training loads, pace, fitness… All this and more fits here.

The last section of the book offers different training programs, ranging from a 5k to a marathon. And every training program comes in beginner and advanced levels, which would cover the whole spectrum of runners.

There may be other texts covering some of these topics but getting all in one book with helpful images and at a very affordable price (22€/17$ aprox) should be enough reasons to buy it.

The book to go for every runner, whatever its level and a good option for a Christmas gift.

Advice 1: preferably go for the paper version. We don’t think that this book will get justice as eBook.

Advice 2: if you finally decide to buy THIS book, don´t confuse it with another one with very similar title.

Have a nice read.

Contents of "Science of Running"

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