Book: EL PODER DE CONFIAR EN TI (Curro Cañete, 2018, 255 pages)

I’ve been investing in my personal development for a few years because, as Curro Cañete says: “The greatest act of generosity you can do for yourself and those around you is BEING HAPPY!”

In this book you will find a guide for your personal development. Unlike the ones you can find in other books, the tools introduced are very useful and follow an extremely consistent sequence.

Among the techniques we are taught, there are affirmations and visualizations, but also reading suggestions and workshops. Thus, the chapters structure leads us to deepen into our inner search at the rhythm of reading, with simple exercises is such that prevents us from abandoning the process of personal development.

What we would highlight the most about this book are the personal examples of the author, that also includes those from his patients and friends. They provide a welcome plausibility to the process, demonstrating that change can be real. This book is not simply theoretical, but a credible way to achieve your personal transformation.

Curro speaks from the point of view of someone who has experienced the path of self-knowledge, but also is a professional coach and theorist, by citing great authors and precursors on these personal development topics. Speaking from experience and knowledge, he conveys a lot of coherence and credibility. The author acts as our personal coach.

This book was given to me by a wonderful person for Christmas, and I did not know how useful it was going to be for this period of confinement. The lock-down period at home has allowed me to take an internal transformative journey.

Thank you to the author of this book for giving us the power to trust ourselves!


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