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In sport as in life we have better and worse times. As when we are running a marathon, in life we also have sometimes the feeling of colliding with a wall.

In this post we would like to talk about some strategies or skills to be able to face the most complicated moments. Among these tools we would highlight:

  1. Talk about joyful things;
  2. Be grateful for what you have;
  3. Do something that gives us pleasure (reading a book, going to the movies, having an ice cream);
  4. Taking care of yourself as well as your appearance;
  5. Visualize what you want instead of settling for what you have;
  6. Think of solutions rather than problems using creativity;
  7. Limit negatives thoughts;
  8. Commit to projects that make sense to you;
  9. Sincerely believe that you deserve to be happy.

We should take advantage of this unique moment in our lives to practice the sport of self-care. As in the practice of any sport self-care requires regularity, persistence and determination.

Our pace of physical activity and the practice of a sport add years of health and well-being to our lives. When we take care of our emotional dimension, we not only strengthen our mood, but we also become more resilient to life’s obstacles.

We will feel that life is a gift that we must always enjoy from a perspective of gratitude and pleasurable. All life asks of us is to take care of ourselves physically and emotionally.

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