Self-esteem is the assessment that we have about ourselves, in other words, our self-evaluation. This feeling is important for everyone´s daily life and even more in the world of sports, where it can affect performance. 

Since we are young all that surrounds us ends up determining our self-esteem. The environment, the situations lived and the people around us influence the self-esteem we have in the adulthood.

In the world of sports, athletes set goals, and their self-esteem is determined by whether they can achieve them, or if for any reason the performance is far from the desired one. This performance evaluation can become so demanding in professional sports as to stop practicing sports altogether. Even more, it can affect the athletes after retirement, marking their future away from the tracks.

However, self-esteem problems do not only affect professional athletes. Many times, even at amateur level, we demand ourselves as if we were professionals and our life depended on it.

As in so many other circumstances in life, a midpoint is ideal. Excessive self-esteem can lead us to face challenges without enough preparation or believe that we can achieve everything only because we want it. Too low self-esteem will limit our results and cause us harm, preventing us from enjoying other things in life.

Thus, self-esteem affects the athlete’s wellbeing and success. Like many other skills in life, it can also be trained, with the aim of improving performance and make the competition stimulating.

In our search for self-esteem, we can always resort to the help of professionals in mental health, although the environment also plays a fundamental role in it. Coaches and training partners are important to relativize the bad results and value effort and dedication.

We accompany this entry with a figure in which we indicate various strategies to help us improve our self-esteem, for a better personal life and sports results. By applying some of these principles, we will be able to enjoy an active and fuller life.

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