We go back to our list of our personal achievements and what we are expecting from next year. It is also an ideal time to give thanks to everyone who contributed during the last 365 days.


Thanks to:

Clementine for the marathon sponsorship and driver/editor/multitask duties in 1K+.

FA and YM for their gels and handmade personalised presents.

Calle Running for highlighting some of our content in their magazine.

Maurten, whose drinks fuelled some of the season marathons.

PowerBreathe, for the Plus+ inspiratory muscle training device.

The Pamplona marathon organisers, for their economic help with the registration. A pity that the marathon distance is disappearing next year.

…Without these helping hands many races would have been a nightmare.


Achievements and some numbers in 2019:

13 marathons:

  • 9 of them new.
  • in 4 different countries (Spain 7, Portugal 4, UK 1 and Chile 1).
  • Adding the autonomous communities of Galicia, Castilla la Mancha and Navarra to the marathon bucket list.

2900 kilometres.

A marathon season best of 3.38.42.



Cancellation of Puerto Varas marathon.

Long summer streak of 100 days without a marathon.

The announced disappearance of the marathons of Pamplona and Vigo, and the continuous changes of dates in other ones.

Registration for the 2020 charitable marathon of Toledo sold out.


Objectives for 2020:

Run injury-free.

Get to the 100-marathons barrier.

Maybe is finally time to run the Melides-Tróia, a Japanese marathon or add a new country/continent.

Get a classificatory race to get into the 2021 Transvulcania.


Happy New Year!

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