1K+ Racing AWARD

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Celebrating today the first year of the Onekmore blog initiative we want to give something back to the running community.

Therefore we have established the first “1K+ Racing Award” to help a lucky person run his/her future objective race, covering/helping with the registration fee.

Tell us your story or motivation for a future race, or the one from that person you know have economic difficulty to afford race registration, and we may get it happening.

Share this initiative with your contacts using your social networks and spread the word.

You may contact us using our email onekmore@outlook.com, or sending a private message using our social networks (Facebook, Whatsapp +447972836711, Instagram #onekmore, or our webpage www.onekmore.com).

Thanks for being there, and be part of the 1K+ community.

Deadline: 08/06/2019

Winner to be announced: 15/06/2019

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