2018 Medal collection


The end of the year is always an appropriate time to think about our achievements and congratulate ourselves on everything we obtained, but also about to reflect on our failures and how to proceed better next year.

There are always reasons to be positive, if only because next year gives you a clear sheet to make your mark.

Achievements and some numbers: 

Learn how to set up a webpage and use WordPress.

13 marathons (23 total races) in 6 different countries (Spain 7; UK 2; Portugal, Switzerland, France and Italy 1).

2750 kilometres in training and competition, distributed in 191 days.

A marathon season best of 3.36.45 (Vías Verdes Plazaola).

Enjoy the night summer races.

Visit to Guatemala, my first Central America country.

Products support from Maurten and Satislent. THANK YOU!

Some disappointments:

Unable again to get a sub 3.30 marathon.

And by extension, again an unsatisfying time in my town half marathon.

Not enough time to update the blog as often as I would like.

Some objectives for next year:

Carry on running free of injuries.

Adding at least one new country in my running list.

Explore new marathons, especially the Vías Verdes circuit and the Melides-Tróia.

Get closer to the 100-marathons barrier.

Increase the number of followers of the site: without you there would be no reason for this blog.

And you: what is your plan for next year?

2018 Calendar (almost finished)

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